Raleigh Report

Raleigh comes in sixth in ranking from other rankings

Raleigh’s in the top 10 for yet another “best cities” survey. But this study isn’t based on demographics, income, crime or amenities – it’s done from a compilation of the quirkiest rankings available.

Movoto.com’s “10 Best Cities for 2013” reviews other rankings to identify “not just the best overall, but the best for all sorts of things, from folks who like battling with giant foam swords to certified brainiacs, and even really snappy dressers.”

By that measure, Raleigh is No. 6. That’s just behind Portland, Atlanta and San Francisco, but we beat out Denver, Miami and Las Vegas.

Here’s what Movoto had to say about Raleigh: “It is the Most Saintly city to appear in the top 10, however, at sixth overall, so that’s definitely something to tell the congregation about. We like to think that the fact Raleigh placed 34th overall for Hardest Working just means that its residents prefer to spend their time doing nice things for others, hence the aforementioned Saintly ranking. Also, since it ranked 10th for Funniest, we’ve got to wonder how many wood-related jokes this ‘City of Oaks’ has heard.”

Actually, I guess our humor is more refined than that, as I’ve yet to hear a “wood-related” joke about Raleigh.

As far as other rankings that factored in, we’re America’s second preppiest city, tenth “most steampunk” and the No. 20 city for meat lovers.