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Vanity Fair architecture critic backs Oakwood modernist house

The controversy surrounding a modernist house in Raleigh’s Oakwood neighborhood has caught the attention of Vanity Fair.

Paul Goldberger, a Pulitzer Prize-winning architecture critic, weighed in Wednesday with an article titled “Is This House Too Modern To Exist?”

Goldberger sides with architect Louis Cherry, who’s argued that the home he and his wife are building is appropriate for the historic neighborhood.

The critic writes: “It’s hard to imagine how Cherry could have designed a house that fit in better than the one that now stands half-finished on Euclid Street, unless he were prepared to throw in the towel and produce a make-believe Victorian.”

The house has drawn fire from some in the neighborhood who think that new construction should “blend in” with historic homes. The Raleigh Historic Development Commission approved plans for the house, but their ruling was overturned on appeal at the city’s Board of Adjustment. The case is now headed to a Superior Court judge.