Garner man charged with cocaine trafficking from trailer-park home

Wake County sheriff's investigators and Garner police charged a Garner man on Thursday with selling cocaine to undercover police five times last year.

They arrested Jose Luis Duran-Anas, 48, at his home at 1313 W. Garner Road, in a trailer park behind a convenience store.

According to charges laid out in arrest warrants, Duran-Anas was trafficking in cocaine by possession and sale four times between June 21 and Sept. 18, 2013, and of having cocaine when they arrested him about 7 p.m.

Duran-Anas also faces five counts of maintaining his hope as a place to keep and sell cocaine and a charge of selling and delivering cocaine on one occasion in addition to the trafficking charges.

One other charge accused Duran-Anas of criminal use of a counterfeit trademark because he had, investigators said, a can that looked like it held WD-40 lubricant but that actually had a false bottom for hiding drugs.

The sales that led to the trafficking charges, which require certain minimum quantities of cocaine sand carry higher penalties.

Investigators did not explain why they waited until this year to press the case against Duran-Anas.

Duran-Anas is a Mexican native, and immigration officials requested that he not be released for at least 48 hours while they checked his legal status.

A magistrate set Duran-Anas’ bail at $1,511,000, and he was held for a Friday court appearance.