Charges dropped against Princeton woman who stabbed her boyfriend

Charges against a woman accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death have been dropped after prosecutors determined she was acting in self-defense.

Assistant Johnston County District Attorney Paul Jackson said Crystal Turner, 27, acted out of self-defense when she stabbed 25-year-old Julius Crenshaw on Sunday. Princeton police found Crenshaw dead in the parking lot outside 510 S. Pearl St. and charged Turner with second-degree murder.

On Tuesday, the district attorney’s office announced that the charge had been dropped.

“In this case, the state has an affirmative duty to disprove any claim of self-defense,” Jackson said in a press release. “The evidence in this case strongly supports Crystal Turner’s claim that she was defending herself.”

The district attorney’s office found Turner and Crenshaw had been drinking and that he punched Turner in the face a few times during an argument.

Turner grabbed a knife and told Crenshaw to leave, but he threw a grill with hot coals at her and burnt her skin. He charged at her, and she stabbed him, investigators found.

Crenshaw had been convicted of assaulting Turner and breaking into her house in May.

“My heart goes out to the family of Julius Crenshaw, and I am deeply sorry for their loss,” Jackson said. “This is certainly a horrible situation for all parties.

“This tragedy should serve as a reminder to us all that domestic violence is a persistent problem that must be taken seriously,” he said.

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