Man free on bail on marijuana-trafficking charge is arrested on new possession charge

A Raleigh man who was free on bail on a marijuana trafficking charge on which he was arrested in August and indicted Dec. 3 was being held on $400,000 bail Monday after police said they found a small amount of marijuana in his car during a traffic stop.

Police stopped Nathan Wesley Anthony Fields, 32, at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Poole Road on Friday afternoon, records showed.

They charged him with misdemeanor marijuana possession and with a felony for what they said was maintaining his residence at 2908 Okelly St. as a place to keep and sell drugs, arrest warrants showed.

On Aug. 22, police arrested Fields where he lived then, at 6616 Lynndale Drive, and said they had seized 160 pounds of marijuana and 10 grams of hydrocodone.

Arrest warrants then charged Fields with marijuana trafficking, opiate trafficking and maintaining a dwelling for drugs.

A Wake County grand jury indicted Fields in Dec. 3 on marijuana trafficking, and he had been free on $200,000 bail, a magistrate noted.