Police: Man kept drugs in house, loaded gun in child's bedroom

Police say a Henderson man kept a loaded gun in the bedroom of a child under 16, next to snacks and candy, in the same southeast Raleigh house that the man facing charges was maintaining to sell cocaine and marijuana.

Russell Floyd Brunskill Jr., 32, of 50 Springhill Lane, was arrested Saturday at 6:45 a.m. and charged with possession of a firearm by a felon, possession with intent to sell marijuana and cocaine and felony possession of a controlled substance. He also faces a felony count of maintaining a place to keep and sell a controlled substance and a misdemeanor charge of child abuse.

Warrants also said he created and allowed a substantial risk of physical injury to a child younger than 16 by “allowing a loaded handgun to be stored in the child’s bedroom in an unlocked and open cabinet.”

The warrant also said “numerous drugs in quantities consistent with drug sales were found throughout the house including the pantry alongside the children’s snacks and candies.”

Also found in warrants are police statements that Brunskill was keeping and selling hash oil, marijuana and cocaine at 3413 Asgar Court, where he was arrested. Police charged he had in his possession, with intent to sell, about 635 grams (about 1.4 pounds) of marijuana and about 19 grams of cocaine.

Brunskill was also found to be in possession of a handgun, while previously convicted of the felony of trafficking in MDMA in Franklin County in 2007.

Brunskill was being held at the Wake County jail under a combined $800,000 secured bond. His next court date is set for Tuesday morning.

The federal government has growing concerns about children under 18 being exposed to drug-related crimes. Children who face environments like those charged in the Raleigh case may experience a variety of types of abuse or neglect and as a result be at risk of becoming involved in similar crime.

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