Twins back with adoptive parents

Denise and Kevin Needham have returned home from Canada with their adopted twins who were taken by their biological mother before Christmas.

Tyler Lee and Holly Ann Needham, 17-month-old fraternal twins, had spent more than a week in the custody of their birth mother, Allison Quets, 49. She has been appealing their adoption in Florida since she gave them up a month after they were born.

"We are all doing wonderfully," Denise Needham said Monday afternoon. "We're all home and safe and happy."

The Needhams, who live in Apex, declined to comment further. They plan to issue a statement through the FBI today.

After her arrest Friday by police in Ottawa, Quets was held by Canadian authorities. She was scheduled to appear in a Canadian court today.

Quets faces federal charges in the United States of international parental kidnapping and North Carolina charges of second-degree kidnapping.

"I think she is really hoping that she will be permitted to stay in Canada," her sister Gail Quets told the Canadian Press news agency. "I think that she's hoping that the Canadian people and the Canadian government will look at her situation, be horrified by it and allow her to stay in the country."

The Children's Aid Society in Ottawa cared for the twins until the Needhams arrived to take them back to Apex.

Quets' lawyer, Jeff Schroeder, told the Canadian Press that the Children's Aid Society had declined to notify his client of the twins' return to the U.S. because she is not their custodial parent.

"She's greatly distressed; she has been separated from her children," Schroeder told the Canadian Press. "She's lost her liberty. She's understandably very upset."

Schroeder plans to have Quets ask the Canadian court to release her on bail today, he told the Canadian Press.

Quets lived in Orlando, Fla., but kept an apartment in Durham so she could see the twins while the custody dispute was being resolved.

Quets picked up the twins Dec. 22 for a weekend visitation that had been approved by a Florida court. FBI investigators think she crossed into Canada with the children the next day.

The Needhams became alarmed when Quets did not return the twins on Christmas Eve as they had planned.