Some comments by House Speaker Jim Black to reporters at his office in the Legislative Building on Wednesday:

"I have made some mistakes in judgment, and if I could do those things again, I would do some things differently."

* * *

"One in particular -- I'll mention three things -- is in appointing Kevin Geddings to the lottery commission. I did not know Kevin Geddings' association with a company in the lottery business. He did not disclose that to me."

* * *

"The second thing that I would like to address is my political director (Meredith Norris) being a lobbyist. In retrospect, that was a poor judgment on my part. I take full responsibility for that. That was not an illegal activity or event, but the perception of it was not good. She has not been my political director for some time now, since I think back in September -- somewhere back there -- that that was corrected.

That was, again, a mistake in judgment on my part. I wish I had not done that. And I think in the future, anyone running for office should be careful about someone associated with their campaigns having a role in this process as a lobbyist or otherwise."

* * *

"Now, the other thing that I'd like to address -- the third thing -- is that I am going to, as of today, not accept any gift, no matter how small, from any lobbyist. That would mean a fruitcake, ham, meals, golf -- I will not accept any of those things from a lobbyist. That's hoping to set an example for other legislators. Everyone, until the rules are changed, will have to decide what they are going to accept or not accept."