Court date Tuesday in twins' kidnapping

A woman arrested in Canada in connection with the kidnapping of 17-month-old adopted Apex twins will have a court hearing Tuesday.

Allison Quets, 49, biological mother to the twins, is in a Canadian detention center and will appear before a judge Tuesday, her sister Gail Quets said Sunday.

Allison Quets was arrested late Friday night in Ottawa and held on warrants of kidnapping issued by the FBI and the Durham Police Department. The twins, Holly and Tyler Needham, are safe and being taken care of by Canadian social services. Adoptive parents Denise and Kevin Needham of Apex were expected to be reunited with the twins, according to the FBI. It is unclear whether they have been.

Agents think Quets, who was trying to regain custody of the twins, went to Canada on Dec. 23 in the midst of a court-sanctioned weekend visit she had with the twins.

Quets was ill during her pregnancy and gave up the twins to the Needhams. She has a pendng court appeal to regain custody.