Would-be burglar shot, authorities say

Authorities in Johnston County say they caught a would-be burglar after his intended victim fired a pistol at a car speeding away from the victim's house early this morning.

Randall Holmes, who lives on Buffalo Road north of Selma, was awakened about 2 a.m. by noises and looked out a window to see a man trying to break into his house through a door, according to the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office.

Holmes grabbed his pistol, stepped outside and fired four shots at what he figured was the getaway car.

A short time later, Derrick Barnes, 19, arrived at the emergency room at Johnston Memorial Hospital in Smithfield with a gunshot wound in his upper arm, according to Smithfield police.

Barnes, who lives on North Fifth Street in Smithfield, told police that he and his girlfriend were walking in town when three men yelled at them and then fired three shots, hitting him in the right bicep, police said.

Smithfield police decided Barnes’ story didn’t add up and then discovered that his car was similar to the one Holmes described leaving his house.

The sheriff’s department charged Barnes with attempted first-degree burglary.A grand jury will decide whether Holmes should be charged as well.