Raleigh police used GPS data from ankle monitor to charge parolee with break-ins, thefts

Edward Cooper Outlaw got a GPS-linked ankle monitor when he was released on parole last September, and a Raleigh police detective used data from it to charge him with stealing more than $500,000 worth of trucks, truck part and equipment and gasoline in a series of break-ins, a search warrant shows.

Outlaw, 31, was arrested late Wednesday afternoon after questioning and was charged in more than two dozen arrest warrants with breaking and entering businesses and motor vehicles, larcenies and several other charges.

His home address was listed in arrest records as 8517 Bratt Ave. in Wake Forest, but his arrest came after Detective M.M. Harmon searched property at 5501 Thornton Road in Raleigh and seized power and hand tools, including a bolt cutter.

Many of the thefts that Outlaw is charged with committing Oct. 6 and Jan. 5 were carried out by cutting holes in fences around the businesses, the warrants said. Damage to property charges were included in the arrest warrants.

Harmon said his investigation began after a break-in the weekend of Dec. 6 and 7 at a truck-service company, Transource, on Midway West Road.

The company list 21 truck tire-and-wheel sets and 60 used truck batteries, Harmon told a magistrate in asking for the warrant.

The case was similar to one that Rocky Mount police were investigating, Harmon said, and they considered Outlaw a suspect because he had sold tires to a shop in Durham shortly after the Rocky Mount theft and seemed suspicious to an employee there.

Rocky Mount police had been unable to tie Outlaw to their case, however, Harmon wrote.

Harmon found out that Outlaw was on parole, however, and had given the Thornton Road address as his home.

Outlaw had been paroled Sept. 22 after serving almost two years on 2012 convictions on gun-possession charges.

Harmon asked the state Division of Adult Corrections for GPS data from the ankle monitor and then began linking locations there to multiple visits to the break-in locations.

With the list of charges and his having been on parole, Outlaw was held without bond after a first court appearance Thursday in Wake County District Court.

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