Cops: Trio tried to burn informant by delivering paper towels instead of drug

Brenden Xavier Tyler
Brenden Xavier Tyler

What was supposed to be a $300 drug deal set up by police became a fraud case instead because, police said, two women and a man gave an informant a bag of paper towels instead of 100 doses of the prescription drug Xanax on Thursday.

Heidi Kelly Watkins, 18; Deja Lashay Campbell, 18; and Brenden Xavier Tyler, 21, were charged with conspiring with each other and with getting the $300 under false pretenses because the informant was supposed to get the drug.

Xanax is a brand name of alprazolam, which is used to treat anxiety and panic disorders.

Instead of involving drugs, the two conspiracy counts against each of the trio said they planned to scam the buyer.

Tyler, who lives at 20 Park Ave. in Knightdale, and Watkins, who lives at 5110 Royal Coachman Drive in Wake Forest, also were charged in a different incident.

Police charged them with possessing, selling and delivering eight doses of Xanax to the informant on Dec. 19 and with conspiring to do that.

Campbell, who lives at 3316 Renee Court, a Knightdale address in Wake County, was charged only in the Thursday incident.

Police arrested Tyler at Rogers Road and Marshall Farm Street about 4 p.m.

Five minutes later, they arrested Watkins and Campbell less than a mile away at a shopping center on Rogers Road.

Watkins was held in lieu of $12,000 and Campbell in lieu of $15,000.

Tyler was held on $60,000 bail because he faces several traffic and other charges in Wake and Orange counties, including driving while impaired.

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