Raleigh man went from selling narcs a few ounces of cocaine to 5 pounds, charges say

Francisco Texta-Palacios
Francisco Texta-Palacios

An undercover agent working with the Wake County Sheriff's Office began buying cocaine from Francisco Texta-Palacios last June, according to an arrest warrant. The deal was for 63.5 grams – a little over a couple of ounces, it said.

Six days later, another warrant said, the stakes got higher, and about 1.1 pounds changed hands.

There apparently were no more sales until last Friday, and then 36-year-old Texta-Palacios had 2.4 kilograms – about 5.3 pounds – for the undercover agent when his tan-and-red Ford Explorer pulled into a strip mall on Chapanoke Road about noon, more arrest warrants charged.

Investigators closed that deal with handcuffs, however, and they took Texta-Palacios less than a mile to the Wake County Detention Center.

They served him with a sheaf of arrest warrants that accused him of 12 counts of cocaine trafficking, two counts of using the Explorer to keep and sell drugs and one count of using a Chevrolet Monte Carlo they said he drove for one transaction.

Deputies also went to Texta-Palacios’ rented home at 636 Coleman St. in Raleigh and then charged him with having 67.5 grams of cocaine there.

A warrant also charge Texta-Palacios with using the house to keep and sell drugs.

A magistrate set bail on the all the charges at $3 million.

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