Franklin County sheriff’s deputies charge teen with beheading his mother

Franklin County sheriff’s deputies have charged a teenager with first-degree murder, after the sheriff says he decapitated his mother at their home northeast of Zebulon.

Sheriff Kent Winstead told reporters that the teen walked out of the house as a deputy arrived holding his mother’s head in one hand and what appeared to be a large butcher knife in the other. “It was a gruesome scene,” Winstead said.

Deputies arrested Oliver Funez, 18. They said the body of his mother, Yesenia Funez Beatriz Machado, was inside the house.

Two young siblings, ages about 2 or 3, were home at the time of the incident but were unharmed, Winstead said. A fourth child was at school at the time, he said.

Winstead said it was too early to determine what led to the killing.

Deputies said Funez called 911 to report a homicide at the family’s home at 90 Morgan Drive, off Carlyle Road, at about 12:47 p.m. He was arrested without incident.

“He stayed on 911 until the deputy arrived, talking the whole time,” Winstead said.

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