Homeless man was killed in his tent behind a shelter, Raleigh search warrant says

A man charged with murder in a May 5 slaying that happened behind a homeless shelter on Capital Boulevard had asked people there if they wanted to see someone he had just killed, according to information police submitted to get a search warrant.

That warrant, returned Thursday to the Wake County Court Clerk’s office, says that police were first called to the AME Incentive Empowerment Center at 412 Capital Blvd. because Ivan Gordon allegedly had assaulted a shelter employee.

Officers had Gordon in custody and were questioning him about the assault when witnesses told them another assault had happened.

Police found Leroy Crumpler, 66, with “obvious injuries” in a tent behind the building. He died later at WakeMed Raleigh hospital.

“Information developed from witness statements indicated Ivan Gordon told them that he had just killed someone and asked if they wanted to see him,” Detective I.O. Smith wrote in the application to a magistrate. “He then escorted the witnesses” to the tent, Smith wrote.

The search warrant allowed police to search the tent and collect evidence from it.

The returned warrant showed that police gathered black jeans with a brown belt, brown work boots and a bloody pillow.

“A visual inspection of the tent indicated the crime occurred inside,” Smith had said in his application. Detectives have not disclosed how Crumpler was killed, however.

Gordon was being held without bail at the Wake County Detention Center and is scheduled for a court appearance May 30.

State records show that Gordon has several criminal convictions, but all are for crimes against property.