Police flock to Raleigh bank after call, but say no robbery was happening

Police sent multiple units to a PNC bank branch on Six Forks Road on Tuesday morning after receiving a call that it was being robbed, police said.

Police spokeswoman Laura Hourigan said officers determined there was no robbery after they had surrounded the area about 9:30 a.m.

An earlier report that there had been one arrest was incorrect.

While city police dealt with the bank, State Highway Patrol troopers were dispatched to Carroll Middle School in the block south of the bank, which is at 4700 Six Forks Road, opposite Northbrook Drive.

Wake County Public School System spokeswoman Lisa Luten said Carroll was on a Code Yellow lock down for a time. Code Yellow is the school district’s lowest level of lock down, Luten said.

Police did not disclose what led someone to think a robbery was happening.

“Police determined it not to be a robbery,” Hourigan said.

Police shut down traffic in the area before they determined there was no danger.

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