Third church break-in and theft added to charges against Raleigh man

Stephen Lee Barrick
Stephen Lee Barrick CCBI

A man whom Raleigh police accused of breaking into two churches earlier this month was charged Wednesday by Wake County sheriff's deputies with breaking into a third house of worship and making off with $13,000 worth of computers, musical instruments and audio and video equipment.

Stephen Lee Barrick, 32, who lives on Joanne Drive in Raleigh, was still in custody at the Wake County Detention Center when deputies served an arrest warrant that said he and another man broke into the New Bethel Baptist Church at 2110 Benson Road on Sept. 16 and stole items that included two electric guitars, a keyboard, computers, a video camera and a Keurig coffee-mnaker and coffee for it.

Raleigh police had charged Barrick with breaking into St. Barnabas Presbyterian Church once and Word of Truth Church twice. They are on adjacent properties on Carolina Pines Avenue.

Those crimes happened between Sept. 14 and 17.

Raleigh police, working with Cary police who were investigating a stolen-car case, located Barrick on Sept. 19. In a car he was driving was a safe stolen from the Garner Church of Christ earlier that night, according to background information in an application for a search warrant for Barrick’s home. That warrant was used Sept. 21 and returned to the court Wednesday night.

In the house, police said, they found a wooden box labeled “Building Funds,” a sound mixer, other electronics and part of a safe.

Barrick, who is also charged with residential break-ins, told Raleigh police that he had driven the other man to various locations where the other man broke in.

The other man is wanted, officials said, but is still at large.

Barrick also faces charges of felony financial card theft and misdemeanor financial card fraud. Sheriff’s deputies said he and the other man took a credit card from Bethel Baptist and used it to buy grocery items and gasoline.

With all the charges of breaking and entering, larceny, conspiracy and possession of a stolen car, Barrick was being held Thursday on $425,000 bail.

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