Make your local cops happy: Just lock your car. Please.

How many of your neighbors would have to have their cars entered by would-be thieves for you to start locking your doors?

Police in Clayton hope that maybe 47 will be the magic number. That’s how many unlocked vehicles crooks have opened and checked for valuables in less than a month.

“We have seen an increase in crimes of opportunity, such as these, with thieves simply opening UNLOCKED car doors and stealing items left in plain sight,” police said in a statement reporting that they took 29 reports of car incidents overnight Saturday and into Sunday.

They joined police in Morrisville and most other agencies in the Triangle is pleading to vehicle owners to just lock the doors when they leave them.

“Don’t make it easy for thieves!” Clayton police pleaded.

The town had 12 reports of thieves going through unlocked cars on Sept. 27 and six on Sept. 28, town spokeswoman Stacy Beard said.

North Carolina criminal does not differentiate between breaking a car to get into it or opening the door of an unlocked car if the goal is to steal the car or things in it.

Most thieves, however, want easy targets and will move on if they check a car and find it locked, police say.

Ron Gallagher: 919-829-4572, @RPGKT