Apex teen refusing to cooperate with police investigation of her mother’s shooting death

Michael Maher
Michael Maher CCBI

Police last month said that Michael Maher of Apex, who has been charged with the fatal shooting of his wife, Nadia, was not cooperating with their investigation.

Now detectives are reporting that Maher’s daughter, who called 911 on Nov. 24 to report the crime, is also refusing to cooperate with their probe into her mother’s death.

They think questions about the shooting might be contained in the child’s cell phone. Investigators this month obtained a search warrant to look for evidence of the crime on the juvenile’s phone, according to search warrants made public Tuesday at the Wake County Clerk of Courts Office.

Michael and Nadia Maher “had an extensive history of domestic violence in Louisiana and Florida,” Apex detective Worth T. Brown stated in a second search warrant filed Monday.

“This history of violence was well known by Nadia Maher’s friends and family,” Brown said, adding that in 2012, Nadia Maher obtained a protective order against Michael Maher in Louisiana.

The Apex detective said in the search warrant that Michael Maher continued to physically abuse his wife “even after the issuance of the protective order. Photographs of some of Nadia Maher’s injuries were documents taken by a friend in Louisiana.”

Worth reported finding a photo of Nadia Maher’s previous injuries while executing a search warrant at the couple’s home at 2014 Walden Glen Road, the day after the shooting.

Investigators say that from the onset of the shooting, the couple’s daughter gave conflicting accounts of what happened in their home the night Nadia Maher was mortally wounded.

Just before 10:45 p.m. Nov. 24, Maher’s daughter called 911 and told a dispatcher that her younger brother had shot her mother in the stomach and that her father had wrested the gun away from the child.

She then told the dispatcher that Nadia Maher was accidentally shot by her brother, but she did not witness the shooting.

A short time later, the daughter told the dispatcher that Michael Maher accidentally picked up the gun and it went off and shot her mother, Brown stated in the search warrant.

When police arrived at the home, they found Nadia Maher laying on her back on the floor, at the foot of the bed in the master bedroom of the home.

“Michael Maher was kneeling on her left side holding a piece of cloth over her abdomen,” stated Brown, who also reported that Michael Maher was uncooperative and had to be physically removed from his dying wife.

Maher told an Apex officer that he was moving his shotgun from downstairs to upstairs and accidentally pulled the trigger while checking the position of the safety on the gun, Brown reported.

Police transported Maher to the Apex Police Department, where he refused to answer any more questions about the shooting.

Emergency workers rushed his 38-year-old wife to Duke Hospital, where she died a little over an hour later at 12:15 a.m., Brown reported.

The next day at her school, the couple’s daughter told a classmate that she had gone duck hunting with her father and that was the reason he had the gun out.

Brown reported that the child was on her cell phone the entire time she was questioned at the police department, calling multiple people and texting them about what happened.

“After finding out that her mother, Nadia, was deceased [the child] began calling the police department in order to get her phone back,” Brown stated.

The couple’s daughter “has also had multiple people call the police department as well as had people come to the police department in an attempt to get her phone back,” added Brown, who described the child as having an “uncooperative attitude.”

Investigators on Jan. 3 obtained the search warrants to seize the daughter’s Apple iPhone and potential evidence from digital devices from the Maher home, including; a Samsung Galaxy cell phone, an Apple iPhone, a Samsung tablet and notebook computer, along with a silver Apple iPad, according to the search warrant.

Maher remained in custody Tuesday at the Wake County jail on a charge of first-degree murder. He is being held without benefit of bail, a jail spokesman reported.

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