Raleigh teen avoided jail after several arrests. Now she faces LSD-selling charge.

Nastasia Carolyn Kochanski
Nastasia Carolyn Kochanski CCBI

A 17-year-old girl was allowed to plead guilty to reduced car-breaking charges last year and avoided jail time, but, now 18, she was in jail Wednesday on charges of selling and delivering LSD to another teen.

Police arrested Nastasia Carolyn Kochanski, now 18, at a McDonald’s restaurant on SE Maynard Parkway on Wednesday morning. She lives in Raleigh.

She was charged with selling LSD, delivering LSD, possessing four tablets of LSD – all felonies – and with having a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Last Oct. 4, a Wake County judge allowed Kochanski to enter guilty pleas to six counts of attempting to break into vehicles last May. Those are misdemeanors.

Kochanski had been charged with six counts of actually going into vehicles, which is a felony.

In return for pleading guilty, the judge gave her a suspended sentence jail sentence and two years’ probation.

And at the same time, the district attorney’s office dismissed several misdemeanor larceny charges from the incident with the vehicles, a felony drug-possession charge from November 2016, a misdemeanor drug-possession charge from September 2017 and two separate misdemeanor larceny charges from September.

In addition, in August and December last year, prosecutors dismissed charges from November 2016 that Kochanski had been drinking when she was under 21 years old and that she had been driving after drinking.

Kochanski‘s freedom ended for a while after her arrest Wednesday, however. A magistrate set her bail at $53,000, and she was held in the WAke County Detention Center pending a court appearance.

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