Suspect in would-be robbery in Cary is accused of CVS stickups in Raleigh, Morrisville

Christopher Terrell Purnell
Christopher Terrell Purnell CCBI

A man charged with failing to rob a CVS pharmacy in Cary last week when the manager took away his gun is now charged with robbing other CVS stores in Raleigh and Morrisville last month.

Christopher Terrel Purnell, 24, of Durham was named in arrest warrants issued Monday. One said he held up a CVS at 13304 Leesville Church Road in Raleigh on Jan. 24 , taking $1,507 while armed with semiautomatic pistol. A second warrant accused him of holding up a Morrisville store on NW Cary Parkway four days later for $3,735.

Raleigh police also charged Purnell with throwing a woman on the floor during that stickup.

Cary police arrested Purnell and charged him with attempted armed robbery shortly after a gunman went into the store 10170 Green Level Church Road about 10 p.m. Friday.

That holdup fell apart when the store manager defied the would-be robber and took away his gun and a bag he had and chased him from the store, police said

A man who called 911 during the robbery could be heard saying to the manager: “That’s pretty amazing, man. How’d you do that? Let me shake your hand. Dude, congratulations. That was amazing.”

Friday night, Cary police also charged Anthony Denzell Burton, 25, of Durham with conspiring to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon and with aiding and abetting armed robbery.

Burton is not accused in the two earlier robberies.

With the new robbery and assault charges, a cocaine possession charge from Friday and a charge of missing a court date last year, Purnell’s total bail rose to $702,000.

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