Man tried to poison neighbor’s pooch with antifreeze, Raleigh police charge

Wayne Sewell
Wayne Sewell CCBI

A man has been arrested on a charge that he put out a bowl of automobile antifreeze a few days before Christmas in an attempt to poison a neighbor's dog.

Wayne Sewell, 43, was at his home on Centway Park Drive when police took him into custody late Sunday afternoon, records showed.

According to an arrest warrant that police obtained Dec. 28, they believe Sewell put the antifreeze “in an open bowl on the ground of a lot” in the condominium complex where he lives. It happened Dec. 22, they said.

There is no indication that any dogs or other animals were hurt, police spokeswoman Laura Hourigan said Tuesday. It was not clear who called police.

The arrest warrant does not say if police know a motive.

Police charged Sewell with a misdemeanor under a section of state law that makes it a misdemeanor to put any antifreeze that contains ethylene glycol in an open container in an open area.

The chemical is poisonous, but it also tastes sweet. That makes it dangerous to animals to have out in the open.

The prohibition is part of the law that makes it a crime to put poison or ground-up glass in hamburger meat or other foods.

Sewell was released on $5,000 bail. He was assigned a Wednesday court appearance.

The condo complex is off T.W. Alexander Drive just south of Glenwood Avenue on the far western side of the city.

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