Shootings outside Raleigh apartments happened in drug-deal gunfight, police say

A gun battle broke out during a drug deal in the parking lot of a Raleigh apartment complex on Feb. 7, according to police detectives who are investigating how three men were wounded that evening.

So far, one man has been charged with shooting two of the victims. No charges have been filed in the third man’s case.

In a search warrant turned in at the Wake County court clerk’s office Monday, detectives said Conrad James and Curtis Koenigshofer had driven to the apartment building at 511 Shelly Ridge Lane about 7:30 p.m. to buy narcotics from someone. Police did not say which drug was involved.

After they parked Koenigshofer’s 2005 Honda Pilot, men who had been hanging around a 2011 Chevrolet Malibu walked toward the Honda, according to the scenario investigators constructed from witnesses’ accounts.

In the search warrant, which police got so they could go through both cars to look for evidence, they said that shooting broke out shortly after that.

If police have an idea why guns came out, they did not reveal it in the warrant application.

What Detective M.M. Harmon did write was that it appeared that Koenigshofer, who was shot along with James, wrestled a gun away from one of his attackers and began shooting at men who then were running away.

The third man wounded, Adrian Tisdale, was hit in the leg by a bullet that Koenigshofer fired, Harmon wrote.

Police said they recovered several guns at the scene of the shootout, though they did not know if other weapons had been carried away.

The second car that police searched, the Malibu, was in a second parking lot in the apartment complex, the search warrant said.

The Malibu had a Michigan license plate and was registered to a woman who police last knew as living in an apartment on Evergreen Forest Way in Raleigh.

Tisdale is listed as living in that apartment, police said.

Two days after the incident, police arrested Monray Terrell Morrow, 20, of Longstreet Drive on two counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury. They said he had shot Koenigshofer and James.

The day Morrow was arrested, he was supposed to have been in court in connection with an arrest last August for marijuana possession with intent to sell, conspiracy and possession of heroin or opiates.

When he appeared before a magistrate Monday, he was held on $200,000 bail on the two assault charges and one count of felony failure to appear in court.

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