1 of 3 victims in drug-deal shootout in Raleigh is arrested as suspect

Adrian Demarco-Kenn Tisdale
Adrian Demarco-Kenn Tisdale CCBI

One of the three men wounded in a shootout during a drug deal on Shelly Ridge Lane in Raleigh, NC, earlier this month is now charged with shooting the other two.

Adrian Demarco-Kenn Tisdale, 23, who lives on Evergreen Forest Way had been hospitalized after the Feb. 7 incident in a parking lot at an apartment complex. He had been shot in the leg, police said.

The two other men wounded in the shooting were Curtis Koenigshofer and Curtis James.

According to an account given in an application for a search warrant during the investigation, Koenigshofer picked up a handgun dropped by someone attacking him and used it to shoot Tisdale in the leg as he was running away.

Tisdale was among a group of men who had approached Koenigshofer and James after they went to Shelly Ridge Lane to buy drugs, police said.

A group of men approached the two and shooting broke out, the police account said.

Police have not disclosed what drug or drugs Koenigshofer and James were seeking or if the shooting began before or after a transaction.

Tisdale was charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury and was held on $300,000 bail.

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