Pregnant Fort Bragg veteran loses her child after she was stabbed 30 times in NY, police say

Fort Bragg
Fort Bragg Courtesy Fort Bragg

A pregnant Fort Bragg veteran was stabbed 30 times in her stomach and torso in New York, according to multiple reports.

Liv Abreu, 30, served at Fort Bragg as a human resources specialist and paratrooper before moving to New York.

Police say she was stabbed in the Bronx at about 12:30 a.m. Tuesday, according to WTVD. She was in critical condition but expected to survive.

Her unborn child died.

Police are investigating the incident, which occurred on Walton Avenue. Police received a 911 call and arrived to find Abreu stabbed.

Abreu was taken to Lincoln Hospital, where her child was pronounced dead. She was about 26 weeks pregnant, according to CBS New York.

Abreu was allegedly stabbed with a knife by her boyfriend after a dispute, according to News12.

Abreu's boyfriend, Oscar Alvarez, 30, turned himself in to police and was being held at the 44th precinct, according to WTVD.

Alvarez is charged with attempted murder, assault and criminal possession of weapon, according to ABC7.

It was unclear if Alvarez is the father of the unborn child.

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