Man with 'decorative stone' tried to smash his way into a police station, NC cops say

Ron Goins
Ron Goins Fayetteville Police Department

Police officers with the Fayetteville Police Department got a call to an unusual address early Wednesday – their own station – when a man tried to break into it.

Ron Goins, 42, is accused of attempting to break into the city’s police station Wednesday at 1:23 a.m., Sgt. Shawn Strepay said.

The police station’s lobby is open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekdays.

Goins used a “decorative stone” to break the glass in the doors at the entrance of the building, Strepay said.

Ron Goins, 42, is accused of attempting to break into the Fayetteville Police Department Wednesday, June 6, 2018, when the lobby was closed. Fayetteville Police Department

“They’re still trying to figure out exactly why that was going on,” Strepay said.

Goins was at the station on Tuesday after he reported that someone had assaulted him Tuesday, Strepay said.

“He had an issue earlier in the day where he alleged someone had assaulted him,” Strepay said. “I don’t know if that’s been proven yet or not. But he came back and for some reason tried to break in.”

There’s an intercom system located near the door for assistance after hours, but Goins did not use it, Strepay said.

Goins was unable to enter the building, but the glass doors were damaged by his attempt, Fayetteville Police said on Facebook post.

Fayetteville police charged Goins with attempted breaking and entering of a building and with being drunk and disruptive.

Goins is being held at the Cumberland County Detention Center under a $500 bond.

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