Police: Durham victim chased, beat culprit after robbery

A man facing felony charges in Durham was arrested and jailed after he had been treated for injuries in what police said was a heated pursuit by a robbery victim who used the robber’s gun as a club.

Marzelle Melik Burgess, 19, was being held on $750,000 bail on charges of robbery with a dangerous weapon, assault by pointing a gun, felony conspiracy and possession of a stolen gun.

As the 35-year-old robbery victim related events to police, spokeswoman Kammie Michael said, he was washing his car at a car wash about midnight Monday when two men walked up to him, showed him a gun and demanded his cash.

The victim complied, but then he began to drive around the area on N.C. 55 a south of N.C. 54 and Interstate 40 in search of the men.

The man also called 911, and when officers got to where the man had said he spotted the thieves in the parking lot of a shopping center at 4900 N.C. 55, they found him and found his car hung up on a fire hydrant, Michael said.

When the man found the pair, he told police, he confronted them. One drove off in a car, but the other pointed the gun at him. Police later charged Burgess with being that man.

The victim floored his car after seeing the gun aimed his way, he told police, and it slammed into the hydrant.

The gunman was startled and fell, dropping the gun, the victim said. The two struggled, then the gunman recovered his weapon and ran.

The victim chased him, the gunman tripped and fell, and the victim snatched the gun and began hitting the robber, he told officers.

The robber got loose and ran again, north on N.C. 55, the story went.

Police began searching and arrested Burgess at an Extended Stay America hotel not far away, Michael said.

Burgess was taken for treatment of his injuries and then before a magistrate.

Ron Gallagher: 919-829-4572, @RPGKT