Wake youth, 17, accused of 18 car break-ins, 2 gun thefts

Jeffrey Peter Jantzi
Jeffrey Peter Jantzi

RALEIGH Wake County sheriff's deputies arrested a 17-year-old early Sunday on charges of breaking into or entering three cars and resisting arrest, and later in the day they accused him of 15 similar incidents and the theft of two handguns on March 6.

Jeffrey Peter Jantzi of 1312 Downeymeade Lane was arrested about 2 a.m. on Broadhaven Drive, a few miles from his home, records showed.

While he was in custody, deputies charged him Sunday evening with the earlier incidents.

Jantzi was charged with eight counts of misdemeanor larceny associated with the March 6 incidents and two counts of theft of a firearm. Arrests warrants stated that Jantzi had taken two Ruger semiautomatics that had been left in cars, a 9 mm and a .380-caliber.

Those happened in the Turner Downs subdivision, less than 2 miles from Jantzi’s home, Sheriff Donnie Harrison said.

Before the arrest, deputies charged, Jantzi had gone into three cars and taken something from one of them and had run from a deputy.

State law makes breaking into a car equal to opening an unlocked one to commit a crime.

A magistrate set Jantzi’s bail at $65,000 on all the charges. he was due to appear in court Monday.