NC’s community colleges

President Barack Obama called for free community college tuition Tuesday night during his State of the Union address. Here’s a look at the community colleges in North Carolina, by the numbers.

• 58 – number of community colleges across the state

• 40 – percentage of wage earners in North Carolina who attended a community college here in the past decade

• 810,000 – number of people in 2013-14 who enrolled at a community college for a course or program

• 321,158 – number of people in 2013-14 who enrolled in degree, diploma or certificate programs

• 30 – number of minutes, at most, it takes for any North Carolinian to get to a community college campus or remote site

• $72 – tuition dollars charged per credit hour for North Carolina residents

• $1,152 – tuition dollars charged per semester for full-time students from North Carolina