Faculty to study proposed UNC athletic changes

A UNC-Chapel Hill faculty group that advocates for athletic reforms pushed several significant changes this week, but their resolutions were referred to committees for further study.

The Athletics Reform Group made four proposals Friday to the UNC Faculty Council, the faculty governance body at Chapel Hill. The council voted not to adopt them now but to send them to faculty committees to study by next September.

The Athletics Reform Group has been outspoken about the yearslong UNC scandal involving bogus classes that benefited athletes. The group proposed:

▪ Eliminating admission for athletic recruits whose predicted college grade point average is below a 2.3.

▪ Integrating athletes’ tutoring, advising and academic services with the rest of the student body.

▪ Changing the composition of a faculty athletics committee so that a majority are from the College of Arts and Sciences, where most undergraduates are based.

▪ Creating a new faculty task force to examine the implications of shifts in college sports, including autonomy of the Big Five athletic conferences.

Joy Renner, a medical school professor and head of the Faculty Athletics Committee, said the panel had only just seen the proposals and hadn’t evaluated them.

Jay Smith, a history professor and member of the Athletics Reform Group, said he was disappointed the council didn’t adopt the proposals. Smith is a co-author of “Cheated,” a book about UNC wrongdoing in athletics.

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