Poster equating LGBT rights to sin stirs free speech debate at small NC high school


    High school posters linking LGBT rights to the biblical destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah have sparked a free-speech debate at an eastern North Carolina high school.

    The posters appeared at Eastern Alamance High School in the Mebane community, about two hours northeast of Charlotte.

    “Supporting LGBT ‘rights’ is supporting sin Remember what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah, This is the price for sin,” the posters say.

    Jeremy Clevenger, an openly gay sophomore at the school, told the Burlington Times-News that he saw a photo of the poster on Snapchat Tuesday morning and went to an assistant principal to report it.

    Clevenger told the Times-News that he was informed the poster was a “freedom of speech issue.”

    “So I asked him if we were allowed to go home, type up our own opinion and post it up without permission,” Clevenger was quoted saying. “He said, ‘You need permission, and it can’t hurt or threaten anybody’.”

    A spokesperson for the Alamance-Burlington School System told the Times-News that the posters had been put up without permission, and would not have been allowed, based on their content.

    Clevenger said administrators’ attitude toward the posters continues to upset him.

    “If it were racist, it would be taken down super fast,” he told the Times-News.

    Reactions on social media seemed to be largely on Clevenger’s side.

    “I go to that school,” posted Ameerah Gilmore, “and the student who did this should be punished!!!! This shouldve never happened.”

    Added Sarah Vee: “Those who have a problem with LGBT people should just keep it to themselves or go live alone in a cave. We all have problems with each other, but it's part of being a society. If they were truly Christians, they would preach love rather than judgment.”