Cleveland students celebrate High School Radio Day

WRAM Radio station managers Isabelle Van Camp and Charles Spencer go live during High School Radio Day.
WRAM Radio station managers Isabelle Van Camp and Charles Spencer go live during High School Radio Day. JOHNSTON COUNTY SCHOOLS

WRAM Radio, the radio station at Cleveland High School, was among three stations in the state taking part in High School Radio Day.

Throughout the day, Cleveland High students joined with more than 75 high school radio stations from 30 states to make their communities, states and country aware of what they do and how they do it.

“Our station is unique,” said Charles Spencer, a station manager and Cleveland High senior. “I love our station because it’s not something many people have.”

Taking part in High School Radio Day has opened new doors to all of the station personnel, said senior Isabelle Van Camp, another station manager. Students do not normally get to do a day-long live broadcast, but because of High School Radio Day, they were able stream live content all day, she noted.

Van Camp said the chance to work with so many of her classmates in the studio during the school day made the event special for her. “We got to bond with each other,” she said. “We are normally all not in the studio at the same time.”

She added that she loved working with her peers because everyone brings something different to the table, especially taste in music.

“We have opened up to all different kinds of music,” Van Camp said, “music we would have never heard of before.”

Spencer said the fifth annual High School Radio Day was special for him because of the people he reached through the station. He also enjoyed the chance to do something not many other people have done.

“Having this experience has been amazing,” Spencer said. “It’s allowed us to grow and branch out and do new things.”

Spencer said being part of WRAM Radio has helped him increase his self-confidence and become more aware of the importance of carrying himself well in public.

“It’s made me think about what it is that I’m putting out there,” he said. “I have to think about when people look at me what are they going to see. You don’t get a do-over.”

WRAM Radio adviser John Wood said he is proud of the work his students are doing. “These kids work hard at what they do,” he said. “They are very excited about sharing what it takes to run a station.”

Students working with WRAM Radio have learned real-world business skills, Wood said. “A lot of students are coming out of their comfort zone,” he said. “They are learning 21st century skills that they can’t get in the classroom.”

Wood said several students working with the station have already landed radio internships.

“They’re becoming bigger people, better people, stronger people, through the art of radio,” he added.

WRAM Radio is online at Or download the WRAM Radio app from the Apple App Store or from Google Play.