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Hey students, teachers and schools!

We want to hear who you have amusing lunchtime conversations with through our new Tweets of the Week contest.

Simply tweet out who you’re nominating and why, and use #CafeteriaChatter. We’ll pick the top tweets and send those winners an NIE prize pack.

The News & Observer’s News in Education (NIE) program and Thumbs Up contest starts today, and each week will have a new tweet topic.

In Monday’s Thumbs Up, we’ll run some of our favorite tweets and announce the next week’s hashtag. The contest is open to elementary, middle and high schools, teachers and students. Tweet deadline is 5 p.m. Thursday.

Follow us @NIEnando and don’t forget to include the featured hashtag to enter.

Join the fun

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2. Tweet about your lunch room conversation using #CafeteriaChatter.

#TarHeelTeacher winners

▪ Shout out to @jdanahy123, who exemplifies best practices in mathematics pedagogy. Lucky kids! #TarHeelTeacher #Brassfield #mathrocks - (Larissa Peluso) @llpelusa

▪ My favorite teacher was... Mrs. Branciforti from William G. Enloe HS, Raleigh, NC. She inspired me to become a teacher! #TarHeelTeacher - (Ms. Rosales) @MsRosales_HMS

▪ @Mrs_Lockhart1 is an amazing science teacher who inspires her students to wonder about their world and their place in it. #TarHeelTeacher - (Erin Pretlor) @MrsPretlor

▪ My teaching partner @MrsPretlor is phenomenal at building a community of learners with our students. I teaching with her! #TarHeelTeacher - (Amanda Lockhart) @Mrs_Lockhart1