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Wake County extending time for students to use temporary bus passes

The Wake County school system is allowing students to continue using temporary bus passes while their requests for a bus stop are processed.

School officials say it’s their target to have bus stops for eligible students assigned within five working days from the date they receive a request from a parent. But Wake has recently posted on its transportation website that “due to current high service volumes, response time may be extended.”

“If your student is eligible for transportation and has been provided temporary ridership with use of a temporary bus pass, he or she may continue riding with a temporary pass,” Wake says online. “The assistant principal at your school handles the passes. The creation of new stops could take longer to process since other families on the bus run will have to be notified if arrival times need to be adjusted.

This year, Wake began requiring new bus riders to register no later than 30 days before the start of classes to be guaranteed service on the first day of classes. It was part of changes that resulted in the elimination of 116 bus routes and 4,000 stops.

For families who missed the deadline, their children were given temporary bus passes allowing them to ride. The passes are supposed to last for 10 days but have been stretched out under the circumstances.