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NC Board of Education approves 10-point grading scale

UPDATE: The State Board of Education unanimously approved the switch to the 10-point grading scale. The previous version of this blog post is below.

Wake County school leaders who’ve been pushing for the state to switch to a 10-point scale for high school grading could get their wish today.

As noted in today’s Charlotte Observer article by Andrew Dunn, the State Board of Education is scheduled to vote today on switching the state’s public high schools from a seven-point grading scale to a 10-point scale. It’s a change that the state’s biggest districts have been clamoring for to help make North Carolina students applying for college more competitive with peers in districts that already use the 10-point scale.

Cathy Moore, Wake’s deputy superintendent for school performance, said in the article that both the district staff and the school board are in favor of the change.

“I think what you want to focus on is student learning and students being ready for the next level, whatever it might be,” Moore said, noting that most colleges use the 10-point scale.

An example for the change is that a student who has a 91 in all his classes would have a 4.0 GPA on a 10-point scale but a 3.0 GPA on a seven-point scale.

If approved, it would begin with high school freshmen in the 2015-16 school year. The change would go hand-in-hand with one made by the State Board in August to reduce the academic weight of Advanced Placement and Honors courses.

Click here for the executive summary of the proposed change to the 10-point scale. Click here to view how the policy would be amended.