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GOP accuses Wake Democrats of 'half-truths' about teacher pay comparison

The Wake County Republican Party is accusing Democrats of spreading “half-truths” in charging that GOP county commissioners have approved bigger raises for themselves than for teachers over the past four years.

In a Wednesday press release, the Wake County Democratic Party had pointed to how Wake commissioners have seen $1,975 in raises since 2010 compared to the $398 increase in the average teacher salary supplement paid by the county. But in a Friday press release, Wake County GOP Chairwoman Donna Williams said “the latest attack by the Democrats insults the intelligence of Wake County voters” and is an effort to have voters “draw the wrong conclusion.”

Williams charges that Democrats are not making an “apples-to-apples” comparison and only telling “half a story” by not including the total compensation that teachers get from the state.

“I think the average Wake County voter would be surprised to know just how much lower a county commissioner’s salary is than the lowest paid teacher without considering the Wake County supplement,” Williams said in the press release.

Democrats may counter that teachers are paid as full-time employees while commissioners are paid as part-time employees.

“We call upon the Democratic Party to stop presenting half-truths and to stop playing politics as usual,” Williams says in the press release. “All our citizens deserve better.”