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WakeUP Wake says donations will bring ‘the best possible future to our children’

How would you bring the best possible future for children in Wake County? According to WakeUP Wake County, it’s to donate them money.

“WakeUP seeks to increase teacher pay so our teachers can continue to inspire your children and create leaders for tomorrow,” writes Karen Kemerait, a WakeUP Wake board member, in a Wednesday fundraising email message. “We are working to raise funds for schools to ensure that the high quality programs continue and that there will be enough schools to meet our growing population. Please join me in bringing the best possible future to our children by donating $25, $50 or $100 to WakeUP Wake County today.”

Kemerait, who notes in the email that she’s the mother of three public school students, says that a donation to the group will “make sure that all of our children receive the best public school education!” She said that the tax-deductible gift to WakeUP Wake will “help to strengthen our public schools.”

WakeUP Wake has played a prominent role in recent years on Wake County school issues through the Great Schools in Wake Coalition, a project started by the group. It was critical of the former Republican majorities on the school board and the county board of commissioners. It’s also been critical of the current GOP majority in the General Assembly.