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Breaking down Wake County’s new teacher pay raises

Wake County teachers will be getting extra in their paychecks, but how significant the increase is may depend on your point of view.

The $3.75-million plan approved by the Wake County school board on Tuesday would result in pre-tax increases of between $16.50 and $100 a month for teachers. The raises will be retroactively applied to the start of the fiscal year.

On staff’s recommendation, the board went with increases more heavily weighted toward special-education teachers – which are among the hardest to fill – and to more experienced teachers. That’s because beginning teachers got bigger raises from the state last year.

For a teacher with a bachelor’s degree and zero to 24 years of experience, the increase will be between $16.50 and $23 a month before taxes. If you have 25 to 29 years experience, it’s $50 per month before taxes. It rises to $75 per month before taxes if you have 30 or more years experience.

Special-education teachers with a bachelor’s degrees and zero to 24 years of experience will receive $33 to $46 more per month before taxes. It rises to $75 a month before taxes for special-education teachers with 25 to 29 years of experience and $100 per month before taxes for those with at least 30 years of experience.

The board early on rejected the idea of evenly splitting the $3.75 million among all 10,500 teachers, which would have led to monthly increases of around $20 before taxes.

Initially, the increase was only going toward classroom teachers. But at the board’s urging, it was expanded to include all paid under the teacher salary supplement schedule. This sweeps in instructional resource teachers, lead teachers and media specialists.

But on staff’s recommendation, they’re not including in the raises other certified staff such as social workers, psychologists, speech pathologists, audiologists and counselors. That’s because they receive a higher base salary supplement. Their inclusion also would diluted the raises for the other employees.

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