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Wake County releases progress reports for every school

The Wake County school system is going on the offensive against the state’s new A through F school performance grades that will be released Thursday.

On Wednesday, Wake posted online progress reports for each school showing test results, the qualifications of the teachers and what the teachers feel about the school. School officials say the reports are more “credible” than the single letter grade each school will get Thursday.

Go to http://www.wcpss.net/schoolreportcards to look up each school.

Here’s Wake’s press release:

Reports outline the successes and challenges of every WCPSS school

In response to a new state approach that assigns a single grade to an entire school, the Wake County Public School System released detailed progress reports Wednesday for all of its schools.

While the reports make it easy to review student achievement and academic growth by school, the information goes far beyond the single grade assigned by the state.

“We have never believed assigning a single grade to a school makes much sense,” said Superintendent Jim Merrill. “Our parents understand there is much more to a school than one grade can reflect.”

The one-page progress reports provide an overview on the front that displays the percentage of students at grade level and the academic growth of students during the course of the year.

The back page provides information in different categories that detail student performance by grade, the quality of the faculty, and teachers’ views about the school climate and leadership.

All of the information is compared to state and school district averages so parents can understand where a school stands on any measure.

“We feel this is a credible, transparent and logical way for parents to quickly appreciate the strengths and challenges of any school in our system,” said school board Chair Christine Kushner.

Progress reports for all Wake County Public School System schools can be found on the district’s website at www.wcpss.net/schoolreportcards.

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