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Terry Stoops questions email sent to Wake County teachers

Did Public Schools First NC cross a line when it sent a mass email to teachers in the Wake County school system?

In a blog post Wednesday, Terry Stoops, director of education studies for the John Locke Foundation, says that the mass email/action alert promoting the National Education Association’s American Education Week “brazenly propagates union activities.” He notes how the email contains a link to the NEA’s website.

Stoops also contends that Public School First’s email “appears to open the door to other groups who wish to disseminate advocacy materials to teachers, volunteers, and parents.”

Public School First’s email includes a message from Mary Jane Swecker to the Wake County PTA Council suggesting that PTAs hold activities during Thanksgiving Week to thank teachers for their hard work. Amid the suggestion, Swecker charges that the General Assembly has instigated a “general anti-public school climate.”