Wake Ed

Terry Stoops questions AdvancED not getting involved in new Wake school situation

Terry Stoops is asking, in light of the latest Wake County school board controversy, if “anyone heard from AdvancED?”

In a blog post Thursday, Stoops, director of research and education studies for the John Locke Foundation, tweaks AdvancED for not investigating Wake liked it did in 2010 when the state NAACP charged the former “center-right board majority” wanted to resegregate schools.

“Now, a center-left majority board tossed out its African-American chairman, Keith Sutton, in a vote that went along racial lines,” Stoops writes. “Many African-American leaders in Wake County are angered by the decision.

Has Mark Elgart, President and CEO, AdvancED, deployed a Special Review Team yet? If not, I would like to know when he plans to do so.”s