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Discussing the impact of the I-440 work on Wake County school buses

UPDATE: Click here for an online story detailing how the road project will have a major impact on the school system.

Commuters heading to and from work aren’t the only people who are going to be affected by the next three years of road work on I-440.

Imagine all the Wake County school buses that will be caught up in the traffic jams. That’s why Wake County Superintendent Jim Merrill and Transportation Director Bob Snidemiller will provide an overview of the construction project and the implications for the school system at today’s school board work session.

Dubbed Crawleigh by some and the FORTIFY project by the state, the road work will have a major impact on travel in Wake County.

Other board topics today will include filling the new Office of Diversity and Equity, a look at projects the school board and staff will work on in the next quarter, a “technical non-monetary revision” to Merrill’s contract and the creation of a government relations committee.

The new government relations committee would be a standing school board committee that will focus on improving communications and intergovernmental relations with the county commissioners, the county’s municipal governments and the General Assembly.