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Wake County schools encouraging students to keep reading during winter break

The message from Wake County school leaders today is for students to read, read and keep on reading during the winter break.

During Thursday’s news conference at Dillard Drive Elementary School, Deputy Superintendent Cathy Moore stressed the importance of not having students falling behind in their literacy skills during the upcoming winter break. It’s especially important now that the new Read to Achieve program mandated by the General Assembly is requiring third-grade students to pass the state end-of-grade reading exam to be promoted.

“We want to remind parents of how important it is for children to read,” Moore said. “It’s especially important for third graders in light of the legislation. But we want all of our children to continue to read over the course of any break that we have.

Winter break is an enjoyable time that parents and families spend together and a great time for kids to continue to hone their reading skills by reading to parents, reading to siblings, reading to a pet, reading all around.”

Moore said that parents should read to their children and encourage their kids to read back to them..

Moore suggested that parents buy paper and electronic books as holiday gifts for their children. The prospect of attending a six-week summer reading camp may be an incentive to some third-grade students to make sure they pass the EOG.

Wake has suggestions for parents about what they can do as part of their Parent’s Guide to Read to Achieve.