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Wake County school system unveils list of proposed capped schools

You might want to speed up your home purchase plans if you’re looking at moving into the attendance areas for 20 Wake County schools being recommended for enrollment caps this fall.

The schools proposed today for capping in the 2014-15 school year are:

The school board is expected to vote on the caps on Feb. 18.

While the list hits just about every part of the district, some areas are more impacted than others. For instance, all three elementary schools in Holly Springs are on the list.

If a school hits an enrollment figure specific to each campus, the system will turn away students who move in after that date. The policy exempts families who already live in a school’s attendance area but don’t yet have children attending the school.

Laura Evans, senior director of student assignment, said they will try to be more flexible this year. Even if a school hits its cap figure, Evans said they will look to see if there’s still space left in the grade level for a new student to attend.

School board member Susan Evans said the school system should get the capping information out to the public, including real-estate agents, as soon as possible. Wake’s increased use of caps these past few years has sparked some issues with parents.

“If people understand what’s what, they can deal with it,” Susan Evans said. “The most grief I’ve gotten in the past year is that people moved into the area thinking they would get into this school and they did not."

“We need to make sure the community knows the information before they purchase a home in a particular area,” she also said.

Click here for a list of the capped schools, their enrollment targets and their overflow choices.