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Wake County schools closing Wednesday

The Wake County school system has just announced that schools will be closed Wednesday because of the expected inclement weather.

The cancellation marks Wake’s fifth snow day of the school year. The choices for makeup days are getting uglier.

For traditional-calendar schools, Wake could eat into spring break, which would upset families who already made plans for that week. Wake could also extend the end of the school year by one more day to June 12, pretty much wiping away any educational benefit for students, especially those in high school who would have finished final exams by then.

Year-round students may not be cheering a fifth day of Saturday classes.

The situation only gets uglier with each snow day.

But since Wake follows the 1,025 hour requirement and not the 185 day requirement of the state’s calendar law, the district could give up some of the time if it’s got any to spare. Wake hasn’t publicly said how much above the 1,025 hours it stands.

If Wake dips below 1,025 hours but doesn’t want to make up days, an option would be to extend the length of the remaining school days. But that option could affect other parts of the community, including childcare and family schedules.