Wake Ed

Wake County schools not scheduling more makeup days

The idea of paying the price for snow days is not a worry, for now, for Wake County students.

Wake school administrators told school board members Tuesday that they don’t need to schedule makeup days to replace the three snow days from last week. Instead, the only change that will be needed is to turn the March 7 early release day into a full day.

Deputy Superintendent Cathy Moore explained that, after a review of individual school schedules, they determined that they’ve got the equivalent of 2.5 days worth of extra school hours in the bank. By using the banked time and recouping the 2.5 hours that would have been lost from using March 7 as a half day, Moore said they’ll be able to stay above the state requirement of 1,025 hours of instruction.

This means no more days cut from spring break, no more Saturday makeup days and no need to add minutes to the school day – provided there’s no more snow days.