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Wake County schools board to vote on teacher contracts resolution

Today looks like it’s going to be one busy day for the Wake County school board with topics such as the budget, the new teacher contracts, the findings of the Knightdale Area Education Work Group, enrollment caps and the school construction agreement with the commissioners.

As noted in today’s article, the school board is scheduled to vote on a resolution opposing the new state requirement that it encourage 25 percent of its teachers to give up their tenure rights in return for four-year contracts with bonuses. Click here to view the resolution.

Look for a number of teachers, wearing red, to show up at the board meeting to back the resolution. We’ll see if the board goes even further to file an affidavit supporting the NCAE lawsuit against the elimination of tenure and whether to join the lawsuit that the Guilford County school board plans to file against the law.

But it’s far from the only item for the board.

Starting during the work session, the board will go over the executive summary of the findings that the Knightdale Area Education Work Group proposed to boost the schools in town. A number of the recommendations involve adding new programs and positions to encourage Knightdale families to go to the town’s public schools.

We’ll see if any of those suggestions make their way into the budget proposal that Superintendent Jim Merrill will present during the regular meeting.

Back to the work session, where the board will do one more review of this fall’s proposed enrollment caps for 20 schools before the vote scheduled for the regular session. Following the complaints from the families at Highcroft Elementary School, staff is proposing that Turner Creek Elementary replace it as one of the overflow options for Mills Park Elementary.

At the end of the regular meeting, the board is scheduled to approve the agreement reached last week with county commissioners over school construction. The board will also authorize a letter asking the General Assembly to not act on the bill turning over school construction to the commissioners.