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Wake County schools to discuss new music partnership, technology and Read To Achieve

UPDATE: Click here for an online article about the meeting.

A new partnership with the music industry, the status of implementing the state’s Read To Achieve law and the district’s technology plan are scheduled to be on the agenda for today’s meeting of the Wake County school board’s student achievement committee,

School administrators will provide an introduction of the “Music Moguls” program. Administrators gave a teaser at the last meeting, saying the partnership will include things such as internship opportunities, career and technical education courses and material that can be used in different subjects, such as math.

The committee will also get an update on the reading camps that third-grade students face attending if they fail the state’s end-of-grade reading exam. Camps for year-round schools started this week with students who are projected to fail the reading EOG.

Administrators are also slated to discuss the impact of the changes the State Board of Education made last week to create a fifth achievement level on state exams. The change lowers the passing score needed to be considered proficient.

Also today, the board will hear about the district’s technology plan.