Wake Ed

Wake County not providing much time for comment on bell schedules

It doesn’t look like Wake County families will have much time to weigh in on the 2014-15 school bell schedules.

The school board is scheduled to receive the list of proposed school start and dismissals times during Tuesday’s work session. The list will be accompanied by a work session presentation on how the I-40 construction project will impact traffic.

The board is then scheduled to adopt the bell schedules later that day during the regular board meeting.

That breaks with historic practice. Typically, the presentation of the draft bell schedules and the vote take place on different days to allow time for public input. This occurs even when few or no changes are proposed by staff.

But Wake is also voting on the bell schedules later than normal. Board policy says they should be adopted by April 1. The board waived the policy to give staff more time to do the analysis of the traffic impact of the Beltline work.