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Wake County school board to discuss school makeup options

Updated to reflect that the school board will definitely discuss makeup options for last week’s snow days.

School makeup days, school calendars, due process rights for teachers, the enrollment cap for Enloe High School and a public hearing on reunifying East Wake High School are among the items the Wake County school board will discuss Tuesday.

During the board work session, the agenda will be amended so staff can present options for making up last week’s three snow days. Families at traditional-calendar schools will be waiting to see if Wake will be like Durham – which didn’t cut into spring break – or like Johnston County – which took two vacation days away.

Also during the work session, staff will present draft 2016-17 school calendars. Three different versions are on the table for traditional-calendar schools. Expect staff to talk about how the state’s school calendar law is complicating things because they’ll have to open school Aug. 29 and close June 9 that school year.

During the regular meeting, the board will have final adoption of a policy extending due-process rights to teachers now that the state has eliminated career status, also called tenure. The policy would list the 15 reasons that experienced teachers could be fired.

The board will also vote on capping Enloe High’s base and sending the overflow to Athens Drive and Broughton high schools.

While perhaps a formality, we’ll see if any people show up to speak at the public hearing on consolidating East Wake High from four small schools back to one school.